Asteria IM launches its first two UCITS funds

January 7, 2021

Asteria Investment Managers is pleased to formally announce the launch of its first two UCITS funds: Asteria Funds – Planet Impact Global Equities and Asteria Funds – Climate Bonds. Both funds obtained FINMA approval for distribution in Switzerland.

Asteria seeks to achieve two equally important targets, positive impact and compelling investment performance. In order to do so, Asteria has developed solid systematic investment processes aiming at maximizing positive impact generation while delivering a superior performance to global financial markets within a strict risk management framework.

Asteria implements its processes using the most recent and innovative technologies of data processing, so-called big data, and machine learning for financial analysis and portfolio construction.

Profit from the growth in the green economy

Covering a global universe of 3,000 listed securities, our research is based on 3 pillars. The first is impact analysis, based on a detailed assessment of the economic activity of companies and their consequences, the second is the integration of ESG criteria based on raw data and the third is financial research. The latter has been developed using a quantitative and systematic approach derived from multi-factor models.

Portfolio construction based on an optimization technique aims at maximizing impact and achieving a performance/risk profile close the MSCI All Countries World Index. This approach allows the fund to be used as a building block in the construction of a strategic allocation.

The Asteria Planet Equities fund offers the opportunity to invest in listed companies whose products, services or technologies help to decarbonize and depollute the planet, as well as to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. Consequently, this investment generates a positive impact in terms of climate compatibility compared to a conventional investment while respecting a market return objective.

The Fund is managed by Guido Bolliger, CIO and Natacha Guerdat, Investment Manager, supported by Dries Cornilly, Investment Analyst.

Enable climate transition with an attractive investment

Covering over 3’00 listed stocks and 24’000 bond issues, Asteria’s research process is based on 3 pillars. Number one: impact. We focus on one hand on selecting those Green Bonds whose uses of proceeds are the most impactful, and on the other hand on identifying issues of those companies whose businesses have a sound climate impact while showing strong fundamentals. Those corporate issuers replace sovereign or quasi sovereign issuers bearing negative yields, thus allowing a yield pick-up without affecting the
credit quality of the portfolio. Pillar two is ESG covering both, private and public issuers,
including governments. Third pillar is the credit analysis to select those bonds showing the
best risk-return profile.

Finally, Asteria uses a quantitative portfolio construction methodology aiming at maximizing impact and achieving a performance/risk profile close the MSCI Barclays Bloomberg Green Bond Index, while maintaining a very low tracking error to the benchmark, as well as a duration and a credit quality close to the index, making this strategy a core building block of a strategic asset allocation.

The Fund is managed by Guido Bolliger, CIO, Luca Manera, Investment Manager, Natacha Guerdat, Investment Manager, supported by Dries Cornilly, Investment Analyst.

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